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Build Your Mindset Practice

Spend less time worrying about being good enough and more time making the world a more beautiful and connected place through your music!

The one-on-one coaching experience for performers who want to discover powerful mindset tools that will allow you to build genuine confidence in your playing and belief in your unique, artistic voice.

Just Imagine...

​You are pacing backstage and take a peek around the curtain.

The hall is full, the stage is empty,

and you’re about to walk out and bare your soul.

Audience waiting, seated, in a theatre, opera house in New York.

No wonder musicians feel fearful on stage!

It is an uncomfortable thing - to be authentic and vulnerable with hundreds of unknown faces staring at you.

Believe Me, I understand.

But, you know what?

Performing doesn’t need to be nerve wracking.

Performing on stage can be


Whether you:

  • Are a seasoned pro who wants to reclaim your artistic freedom after years of performing at an elite level;

  • Are entering the rigorous years of auditioning and want to perform to the best of your abilities AND remain creatively healthy in the process;

  • Suspect that there is a way to perform with excellence while also treating yourself with kindness;

  • Want to create space for your humanity in a field that tells you to DO MORE, WORK HARDER;

  • Believe that your best work comes from a place of worthiness, not shame...


You will receive:

  • FOUR one on one coachings;

  • Lifetime access to an educational video library designed to teach you effective mindset tools;

  • Personalized Voxer support;

  • Worksheets and PDF’s to solidify your learning;

Are you ready to build your confidence as a performer by knowing you have a pre-performance routine in place that supports you on stage?

Available now for $400

  • We will explore your current reality as a performer. What’s working? What would you like to be different? We’ll challenge old beliefs, question mindsets that aren’t serving you any longer, and dig into thought patterns that are holding you back.

  • We’ll open your imagination to what you’d like to feel like on stage. What inspires you to do this brave work? What are you sharing with your audience? How can you become a safe place yourself from which to create beautiful music? What would it feel like to be grounded and confident with your music-making?

  • We will start to experiment with specific mindset strategies unique to your needs and goals. You’ll learn how you feel the most supported and create systems to build that structure into your everyday musical life.

  • We will work through the roadblocks that come up for you. Beliefs that need to be released, space that needs to be created, or priorities that need to be realigned. Making change can be hard! This is our time to tackle those challenges head on.

At the end of this program, you will:

  • Have a personalized pre-performance strategy integrated into your daily practice life;

  • Be aware of habitual thoughts that hold you back in your performances and have tools in place to handle them;

  • Feel energized and confident when you step on stage;

  • Have a work-life balance that fosters your creativity;

  • Embrace your humanity as a musician and believe that it is an asset to your musicianship.

So, what do you think? Are you ready to set aside one month and dive deep into creating a healthy mindset that will last the rest of your career?

Available now for $400

Have questions? I am here for you!

Choosing a coach is a very personal decision and it makes sense that you’d like to chat with me first. Let’s set aside time to see if this program would be a good fit for you.

Your emotional health as a performer is of the utmost importance. From it flows your creativity, your resilience, your risk-taking, your vulnerability, your effectiveness as a collaborator, and your artistic voice on stage. I encourage you to set up a time Right Now and let today be the day when you choose to prioritize your mindset and start bringing your best self to the stage.

Hi! I’m Katie. I studied flute at the Eastman School of Music, at Interlochen Arts Academy, and at some of the best summer festivals in the country.

But, even with all this amazing training, the one thing I never learned was how to believe in myself.

After winning a Principal Flute post and a university teaching position, I did the unthinkable …


It took me 10 years of study and a life coaching certification to learn the best tools that FREE classical musicians from fear and self-doubt.

And now I'm sharing them with you!

Your artistic voice is too precious, too beautiful, too necessary to be inhibited by an unhelpful, unhealthy mindset.

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